Web Design Services

1. Design Services

1.1. Web Design
We use the latest technology in web designing. You may give us your design or pattern and we do it according to your specification. When you do not know what you want, our support team will work with you to model one according to your needs.
1.2. Logo & Brand Design
Your Logo is your signature on all that concerns what you do. Both the movable and unmovable is identified by your Logo and Brand. Our support team is available to you to craft one that is acceptable to you.
1.3 Social Media Design
This has developed into a Marketing tool, and it is fitting to be well integrated at the same time be outstanding to draw customers to you. We will find you just the right icons for you.

2. Web Services

2.1. Responsive sites
We will assist you to find responsive sites relating to your business. If agreeable you may complimentary to each other.
2.2. E-commerce Sites
This is a source of competition for you, we will assist you to understand it and use it to your advantage.
2.3. CMS
We will assist you set up levels of Content Management Systems for better operation of your web
2.4. S.S.L set up
We set up Secure Socket Layer a detail that manages server authentication, client authentication andencrypted communication between servers and clients.
2.5. Domain with E mail
This is the passage way for your clients old and new to find you. We assist to craft a descriptive name that indicates something of what your web is about.
2.6. Web site Protection
Your web site is a highly valued investment in time, expertise and money. You have put in plans and prospects to last a long time. Protection is necessary from inside out concerning tiptop performance, free of viruses, anti-hacking. We have the technology to do all that is necessary.

3. Marketing Services

3.1. SEO
Search Engine Optimisation , a technique we use to draw many more visitors to your website. We use it to promote you to a high ranking placement in existing search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and others.
3.2. Ad words SEM
Search Engine Marketing is an effective way to reach out to more people who may not in effect be looking for you. This together with paid advertisements gives you prominence
3.3. Social Media
This is a popular and very useful mode of marketing oneself. The traffic through Social Media in a single day is very high. We will work out a strategy to get your presence in these sites.